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My love of reading started in fourth grade, and that is what led me to want to be a writer, and I've been a professional writer since 1998. I studied writing, and have been published many times in various magazines over the years, mostly for non-fiction pieces for both adults and kids. For the adults, it was for Bellydance magazines, and for kids it was for educational magazines like The School Magazine and The School Journal. I then wrote a short, practical mediation book called Quick Meditations For Workaholics. Click the image below to check it out:


"WOW! What can I say...this book surprised the heck out of me, in a FANTASTIC way. Quick Meditations for Workaholics is a terrific book and it is so concise that you can read it in minutes, absorb it seconds after reading it and put it into practice right away. I'm NOT a workaholic per se but I get distracted enough to procrastinate bringing meditation into my daily routine. Not a problem anymore. Thanks to Despina for bringing this practice into my daily routine. I especially love using the "three minute breathing space" whenever I feel any tension or stress. Ms. Rosales brings to the world her statement (on the back cover) that "you don't need months alone in a cave to learn to meditate". You just need a few minutes with her book. I got the paperback but it's available electronically as well. Thanks, Despina. Feeling very Om...namaste."

- Stephen (Amazon review)

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