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As a reasonably fit person to begin with, I was surprised to discover during my first Pilates class in 2005 that Pilates is  much harder than it looks. Still, I persisted and improved, and absolutely loved the results! Pilates tones every tiny muscle in your body is highly recommended for anyone (of any age or fitness level) who wants to tone up. You can learn with me in person or via Skype. Contact me to chat about what you want to gain from Pilates, and let's begin your journey to a more toned body together!


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"Thanks sooooo much again for the Tuesday class where you focussed on back pain. It was THE BEST and (no word of a lie) had my back feeling incredible afterwards. With the twang that I had, it generally takes me a few weeks to get back on track and to have it virtually resolved after one class just goes to show what Pilates can do, and how valuable it is for me." "

- Erica (Pilates student)

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